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On July 1 2016 I released 3 albums available on LP (for sale here) and as digital download:


PLADESHOP Laura Toxvaerd with Simon Toldam & Marilyn Mazur - Press Release here

LAURA TOXVAERD COMPOSITIONS PART 1 Feat. Carsten Dahl (special guest), Raymond Strid & Jonas Westergaard - Press Release here

LAURA TOXVAERD COMPOSITIONS PART 2 With Dødens Garderobe - Press Release here



Furthermore I have released an art book, LAURA TOXVAERD COMPOSITIONS - 18 GRAPHIC SCORES (96 pages) - Press Release here

The book contains graphic scores of compositions together with reflective texts and is the result of my artistic research project as an adjunct lecturer at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen. The project was granted by Danish Ministry of Culture’s Committee for Artistic Research. Read about the project here

  It is published by Forlaget SPRING. Read more here











”a superb collection of duets” – Peter Margasak, DownBeat, March 2013

”high-class modifications of the alto saxophone-piano tradition that should probably lead to further encounters” – Ken Waxman, JazzWord, February 2013 LINK

HONORABLE MENTIONS 2012 + RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASES – Andrey Henkin, The New York City Jazz Record, February 2013 - Review by Donald Elfman LINK (pdf)

”Toxvaerd’s scores, as reproduced in the booklet, are a clever combination of visual material (...) The combination is irresistible. Phone Book is as sensuous as it is intellectually challenging. It seems to reference all sorts of music (...) The striking thing about Phone Book is that with each repeated hearing it seems to grow (...) this is Laura’s date by virtue of the compositions, which are simply wonderful.” - Brian Morton, Point of Departure, December  2012 LINK

If jazz is dead, no one has told Denmark the news. The saxophonist Laura Toxvaerd and pianist Jacob Anderskov here collaborate on four of the former's art-brut graphic notations (all incorporating scissored shards of a Danish phonebook) moving from lines of cautious beauty to detuned blasts of caged animal fury. 4 stars – Andrew Male, MOJO, November 2012

”Fishbone dämmert wieder verhangen durch verträumte Minuten, in denen beide Protagonisten versunken scheinen, musikalisch Gedanken nachhängen. Sehr hübsch! (...) Zwar wissen Toxvaerd/Anderskov zu melancholischer Versunkenheit anzusetzen, viel mehr aber haben sie ein Händchen für rasante, wohl überlegte und radikale Freiform.” – Volkmar Mantei, Ragazzi, September 2012 - LINK

”Parution à Copenhague de « Phone Book » de Laura Toxværd chez ILK Music. Il s'agit de son troisième album avec comme particularité le fait que les compositions aient toutes été couchées sur papier en utilisant des pages d'annuaire téléphonique.” – Alex Dutilh, Radio France, septembre 2012

”Intressant musik, med bitar av melodier som finns återgivna som noter i de grafiska bilderna som väl för mig mest ser ut som konstverk (...) Fint tolkat av Toxvaerd (...) Musik som känns förtätad och innehållsrik” – Jan Strand, OrkesterJournalen, Sverige, december 2012

Laura Toxvaerd was inteviewed by Danish Radio P8 Jazz, September 2012

”This duo album underlines the fact that Laura Toxvaerd in both compositional and atmospherical ways are a one-of-a-kind profile on the Danish jazz stage” – Niels Overgård, JAZZNYT, Denmark, October 2012 LINK

Review in the Swedish magazine Lira LINK

Laura Toxvaerd was portrayed in the Danish magazine JazzSpecial #132 LINK (pdf)

Concert review in the Danish magazine GAFFA LINK

Video recording from Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2013 LINK (youtube)









RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASES Andrey Henkin, AllAboutJazz-New York, January 2011

MELHORES DISCOS INTERNACIONAIS 2011, review by Goncalo Falcão: 4 out of 5,

”Here we have quasi-Weillian Eurofolk-ethnic music with a Zorn-flying-Luttenbacher sort of outness. (...) Cuts tend to be quite short: there’s thrash Jazz, nutting-out skronk sax, some compositional bite, out crime-secret-agent-Jazz, the Oscar Meyer Weiner theme song meets no-wave-new-wave-skronk-wave. Some moments sound like a retro mimic of a bar honker sax and the routines are not as simple as might at first seem.” Cadence Magazine, April 2011

Review by Vincenzo Roggero, All About Jazz Italia, May 2011

Blandt de få kvindelige instrumentalister, der er brudt igennem i det nye århundrede, finder man altsaxofonisten Laura Toxværd. (...) De tre musikere spiller primært Laura Toxværd-kompositioner, og det er små vignetagtige numre med både sjove og romantiske vinkler. Og her holdes monotonien i skak af underfundig veloplagthed og ren eksplosion.” 4 star – Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske Tidende, 2010 LINK

Nomineret til DMA JAZZ 2011, Årets Danske Jazzkomponist

”Altsaksofonisten Toxværd er helt under foten på Ornette, og jeg må innrømme at jeg synes hennes aggressive utblåsninger er fascinerende og flotte å høre på. (...) relativt korte, men poengterte og hissige utblåsninger, som alle kunne gått rett inn i på ei plate med Ornette. Det er rocka, fritt og freidig, og ikke minst morsomt. (...) Anbefales!” – Jan Granlie, Jazznytt, Norge, 2010

Review in the Swedish radio show Kalejdoskop - Lina Langendorf, Sveriges Radio, oktober 2010 LINK








TOP 5 BEST DEBUT ALBUMS OF 2007 AllAboutJazz-NewYork

RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASES – Andrey Henkin, Allaboutjazz-NewYork, July 2007

”This promising Danish improviser (...). A fascinating project that includes a solo saxophone performance made for Danish radio and a collaboration with producer Thaae in which saxophone sounds are multilayered and electronically manipulated to create a large-scale ’composition’. (...) Toxvaerd’s distinctive sound – light, but with real muscle – sets this exciting record apart.” 3 stars – The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings, Ninth Edition, 2008

”the phenomenal altoist Laura Toxvaerd. Her debut solo effort, no. 1 (ILK, 2007), is an exciting breath of fresh air that breaks new ground for the alto saxophone” – Elliott Simon, AllAboutJazz-NewYork, July 2007

”she delivers a unique demonstration of versatility. By combining noise with tones and melodic fragments, she’s riding the fence between the Classical saxophone quartet tradition and the Hip-Hop world of rhythm through noise. (...) place her in a class all by herself. (...) reveal one unique persona. (...) With this saxophonist, however, there seems to be no limit to the extent that her instrumental wails, moans, squeaks and groans will carry her.” Jim Santella, Cadence Magazine, October 2007

Laura Toxvaerd, a young Dane, delivers a studio suite of blown/electronic miniatures and plays live pieces strung together for her debut no. 1. Studio tracks blare, oddly riveting and mechanistic, like Devo (eg, ’Tin Soldier’) while her live bits (all under three minutes) warm before eyes, molasses chips melting to taffy. (...)” – Fred Bouchard, AllAboutJazz-NewYork, January 2008 - LINK

”From Copenhagen, Denmark, saxophonist Laura Toxvaerd composes geometric post-jazz using graphic notation. Some of her scores are to be exhibited in New York this May and published in the Notations21 graphic score anthology.” – The Wire, 2009

Recommended in Danish national radio by Ib Skovgaard,, 2007

”Laura Toxvaerds album 'No. 1' byder på en oplevelse, man vil huske. (...) det afgørende er, at man ikke blot fornemmer en klar musikalsk tanke bag disse udfoldelser, men at musikken i sin fremførelse bobler af en fandenivoldskhed, man ikke kan undslå sig. Og ydermere demonstrerer Toxvaerd (...), hvor fint hun også behersker et så ortodokst begreb som tonal flerstemmighed.” Boris Rabinowitsch, Politiken, 2007

a music that is surprising and overwhelming. (...) Toxværd is delivering in a refreshingly different fashion. (...) It is all the way through an inspiring delight to spend some time enjoying Toxværd’s innovations.” Allan Sommer, JazzSpecial, 2007